Bed & Biscuit

Bed & Biscuit

Here at Love 4 Canines we absolutely love and adore senior dogs!!! 

There is nothing more precious to us than senior dogs! We love each and every one of them, from our large dogs like Lil' Bear & Shadow to our tiny seniors like Bam Bam. Our only wish is that we could take ALL of them in that need us. Currently we are at capacity. To take in more seniors we need help. We will take as many as we can afford to take care of.

How can you help???

There are many ways for you to help us help the seniors. Of course we can always use financial assistance. To donate, you can go to our "Donations" page link for information on how to donate.

Here is a list of needed items. Some you may have lying around from previous use...Some can be purchased over the counter.

Advantix or Frontline Plus
Mometamax or OtoMax (for ear infections)
Cyclosporine eye drops
Moisture Drops (over the counter)
Dog beds
Futons for the yard
Dog food