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Cinch is a great little dog. He's the perfect size, about 32 pounds. This boy loves to have fun. He's an athletic little guy who loves to go on walks and makes an excellent running partner. He loves car rides, especially when the car takes him to the dog beach, hiking or the stable. He's around horses and other dogs all the time. He's up for anything as long as it involves fun and love. Cinch is very calm in the house. He loves to cuddle and curl up on the couch with his foster Mom and Dad. He is housebroken and can use the doggie door. He stays inside with his foster brother and sister dogs when Mom and Dad are gone and has never caused any problem. He does love playing with toys and especially his foster sister who is also a cattle dog. He knows basic commands and has a really good recall. He does very well off leash.He's also living with two cats! He is a little shy when meeting people but gets over that very quickly. He'd do best with another dog to help him with his confidence and he's used to being with other dogs. We believe he's probably about 2 years old. This little guy will make someone a great companion.
Cinch is good with cats and horses too!!! Cinch has been neutered, microchipped, and fully vaccinated. His adoption fee is $250. He's about a year and a half old.



Australian Cattle Dog/Kelpie Mix

We think she is an Australian Cattledog/Kelpie, she is 3 years old, spayed and UTD on all vaccinations.   She is super smart, has great eye contact and is very athletic and quick so I think she would be a great agility prospect.  She is a high drive, high energy dog so she needs to go to a home with someone experienced with ACD’s, border collies or kelpies.  She is fearful of men she doesn’t know (she was obviously beaten by a man before she was rescued), but once she gets to know them, she loves men and is not fearful.   Because she is a high drive dog, she should go to a home without small children (she would definitely try to herd them).
She is good with other dogs, is housebroken, crate trained (she loves her crate) and is really good around horses.  Luna has an excellent recall, is learning to heel on leash and loves to go new places. She is spayed, microchipped, and current on vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $200.


Australian Cattle Dog

Talk about a doll face! This handsome young man is held by a special place in many of our hearts. We've had him for a while because it is truly difficult to find foster homes that are willing/able to work with the herding breeds. Phoenix is a little nervous when he first meets someone, so as long as you just allow him some time to adjust, he'll be in your lap before you blink an eye! You have to remember that his whole world has been turned upside down when he goes to a new home.
Phoenix is about 4 or 5-years old and about 30-35 pounds. He is a little Cattle Dog with big expressive eyes! He lives with other dogs of all ages, both male and female, and LOVES to run and play with his best friend Heidi (also available for adoption!) We do think he would do best and have the best relationship with another playful female dog :-)
Every day he gets more and more relaxed and has just melted into the current foster home routine. Phoenix is a typical Cattle Dog and would be the perfect companion for someone looking for that velcro Cattle Dog that we all know and love. Phoenix responds very well to corrections and really wants to please you. Once he knows you're the boss, he will be your best friend!
Phoenix is neutered, microchipped, and fully vaccinated. His adoption fee is $150.


Australian Cattle Dog

Would you believe this beautiful young lady was scheduled to be euthanized? We got a call the hour before, from caring kennel techs at a local shelter, that her time was up and they were searching for a rescue group to save her. She had been at the shelter for a month!!! Unfortunately, adoptions have been slow all over the place, so that doesn't surprise us :-( But what a special little girl this is...Reba is about 6-months old, friendly, kind, playful, loving, and everything  puppy should be! We don't know anything about her past or current training, but if you are looking for a typical Cattle Dog pup with a blue eye, she is the girl for you. Reba has been spayed, microchipped, and is current on vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $250.


Australian Cattle Dog

Hunter is a beautiful blue boy that is about 3-years old and weighs maybe 40-45 pounds. Hunter is true to his breed and when he gets excited, he jumps and jumps and does get mouthy, but has NEVER grabbed on...just puts his mouth around your hand as he jumps and jumps :-) TOO FUNNY!!! We do tell him no though, as we don't want him to get nippy at all. Hunter loves loves loves to play with other dogs, but does do much better with females. He likes to be the "Man of the house." He is okay with neutered males after he's spent time with him, but in order to avoid any conflict, we think a female would be the best bet as a companion (if you have another dog.) Hunter has a docked tail and wiggles it constantly. He really needs a family and would also make a fabulous running partner, or maybe you'd like to try agility or flyball (he loves to fetch the ball!) Hunter has been neutered, fully vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. His adoption fee is $250.


Australian Cattle Dog

A fabulous boy, but does need an experienced Cattle Dog owner! These dogs are too smart for their own good :-)
Oh my gosh...what a sweetheart!!! Tanner will cuddle up right next to you and put his head on your shoulder so you can give him a hug :-) This handsome man is about 2-years old and is a pure bred Australian Cattle Dog AKA Blue Heeler. Sadly, the edge of his poor ears has been eaten away by flies...but he has no idea and we all think he is as cute as can be :-) If you are looking for a little wiggle butt, this wiggler is just waiting for you to adopt him! Now, the one thing we have found out about Tanner is that he currently isn't fond of other dogs. The shelter told us he didn't like others at first, then he was fine. Now that he is neutered, we are guessing he may settle in and might also be better with female dogs. But, for now...if you are looking for one dog and have no others, you will have the BEST companion EVER with this boy!!! This is an incredibly smart and loyal breed...please do some research prior to adopting one. His adoption fee is $200 and he is neutered, fully vaccinated, and microchipped.


Mika is the sweet and very affectionate. She doesn't like baths, but she loves to fetch! She will even throw the ball for herself :-) Mika loves petting...she can take it for hours! She loves to curl up close to you and is the ultimate snuggle buddy. Mika is comfortable in the house and housetrained. She very smart and is very food motivated. Watch out though...she does like to de-stuff stuffed items, but only if you aren't looking :-) She likes walking with you and is heels nicely. Mika gets along great at dog park with other dogs and greets anyone freely. She is spayed, vaccinated up to date, and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $250.


Australian Cattle Dog

We were just thrilled to get this little girl into our rescue! This beauty found herself in a high-kill LA Shelter last month. Fortunately, she was saved by a wonderful gal who has taken fabulous care of her!!! Unfortunately, she lived in an apartment and was working all day. She felt bad for Brittany being cooped up all day, so released her to rescue. She could not say enough good things about her :-) She said she is wonderful in the car, hasn't had any accidents in the home (although we can't make any guarantees), gets along well with other dogs, walks very nice on a leash, and has the typical velcro Cattle Dog personality! She bonds well and although we don't know how she is with small children (which we don't recommend this breed with children anyway) but she was perfectly fine hanging out with an 8-year old all day on her first day with us :-) Brittany is on the petite side, and although a little chubby, she couldn't be any cuter!!! She has a docked tail and just the most beautiful markings! Brittany has been spayed, microchipped, and fully vaccinated. Her adoption fee is $250.