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Messages from Adopters


I wanted you to know, it has only been 4 days, and Nohl is home.
On Saturday, after I adopted him, he went and had his Hollywood Make-over, full grooming and teeth cleaned.
He did the "Meet Nohl" tour on Sunday and everyone fell in love with him, including my 93 year old Father who was equally devastated by the lose of Jacq.
I can't tell you how in love I am with Nohl, whom I call Nohl Coward, after Noel Coward, the playwright.
He is an amazing dog...well behaved and loving.  He reminds many of my baby Jacq, though, Nohl has his own distinct personality and is a more confident and friendly dog.
And....he does tricks!  So cute.
We have a few things to over come...his fear of the shower.  He is afraid of the running water.  But I have confidence that Nohl can do anything, including, not running for cover when I turn on the shower or hose.
Other than that, he is perfect.
I feel so blessed to have him.  He has filled that empty place in my heart, and makes me smile.  And, I know he is very content and secure and happy being here with me, being treated like a Prince, and staying near me.  And, yes...he sleeps with me and is a delight.
The beauty of the dog/human relationship is forever healing and brings unending joy.
Again, many, many thanks for taking such good care of Nohl and being there for him, always. He couldn't have survived without you.
Warmest regards,

Hi Laura,
Here are some pictures of Scooter.  As you can see he has quite the personality!  We just love him and can't imagine live without him.  
Thank you for your hard work and determination in rescuing dogs.  I tell everyone where I got Scooter.
Thanks again!
Susan Vander Molen







Hi Laura and all at Love 4 Canines,

I wanted to let you know how Priscilla is doing. We changed her name to Stella, and she responds very well to it. She is the love of our lives! The fur around her neck has grown back nicely (and so soft!), and she hasn't had any problems concerning her neck injury. She's also grown a lot; she's now 20lbs! Her favorite pastime is destroying her stuffingless toys (when we found them on sale last Christmas we bought 2 dozen!); she likes to tear out the squeakers and turn the toys inside out! She amazes us every day with how brilliant she is. She's already learned all her basic commands, and also knows fun ones like "Raptor Dog" where she walks around on her hind legs and "Stick 'em Up!" where she sticks her paws straight up in the air and then falls over and plays dead. We're still working on her leash etiquette, but we're making progress! She also likes to sit on our shoulder when we're sitting on the couch, so we've dubbed her our parrot dog. She gets along very well with her aunts, Caramel and Toffee (my parents' terrier mixes). She loves to visit them and play chase in the backyard and go hiking together in canyon park. We are all about to move into our very first house in a few months. It has a very large front and backyard for her to run around in to her heart's content and will provide enough space for us to get her a little brother!

Thank you so much for all you do! Please enjoy the photos and video attached.

Abe, Jamie & Stella

Hi Laura,

Just thought you'd like an update on Dewey.... He is adjusting quite well... He has his own bed and lots of toys. My hubby says I'm spoiling Dewey rotten cause I think I brought him home something new every day this week treats, toys you name it!! But he deserves it he's such a good dog...we've been working with him on the leash and he's getting better but work still left to do. Everyone that's met him has fallen in love!!! In fact we went walking in Old Town today and we were stopped 6 or 7 times with folks wanting to pet him and know all about him. Im going to send you some pictures of our day at the beach and where we take our daily walks. I hope this gives you a little peace knowing that Dewey is having a great time and is well cared for!!!

Cheryl and Dewey

Daisy is doing great! She knows a lot of commands and is doing puppy agility. She is really very good at agility, she’s very athletic and does every command the first time she’s asked. Daisy is still pretty hyper, so agility is perfect for her. She has gotten a lot bigger than I thought she would, she weighs 20 lbs already and is quite a bit bigger than my other dogs. She LOVES to cuddle too!

Taz loves my husband I bought a dog bed and he jumped in bed with my youngest son who had a nap before tonight... An instant fit he even ran to my neighbor, girlfriend and rolled over like Corey to let her pet his belly.  I think Corey is helping taz... Went on two walks around block on leash and is playing Frisbee... If you saw him... Totally different in mere hours.  Thank you again... Tiffany

Hi Laura,

I just wanted to thank you for helping us adopt Lola which we have now named Sandy. She has been a very mellow dog and we are adjusting fairly well. She has been skittish around us but we are making progress in changing that. I wanted to share these photos that were taken on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Please pass these on to Lois and thank her as well.

Heather Archambault

Hi Laura,

Here's a picture of Riley relaxing on the beach after a run. She loves sprinting down the boardwalk alongside my bike - we're probably going over the speed limit of 8 mph but she loves it and refuses to go slow! I can barely keep up! Sometimes I think she has some husky/sled dog in her.  She also LOVES playing catch with tennis balls!

Thanks again!

Re Maddy....
We re-named him Logan and he is doing great!  This is a picture of him on our bed, and it's like he's always been there.... Our other older girl is warming up to him, and it seems like he put a pep back in her step (only real issue is that she tries to eat his food as he walks away from it half-finished).  He is very respectful of her, and realizes she is top dog ;)
We take him to the dog park every day, and he's getting used to it.... Oddly, he tried to be macho the first couple of times and didn't understand that the other guys were trying to play.  It sometimes seems like he has a lot to learn about dog behavior.
We make sure one of us is always home, or we take him with us in the car for right now.  He's busy exploring and still trying to cock his leg on things, but we take him outside all the time so he doesn't have anything to empty.
He is the sweetest, cudliest dog and we feel very lucky, so thank you for saving him so we could adopt him!
Laura & Scott

Just wanted to let you know that our first couple of weeks with Star have been amazing. She has been adjusting to all of the changes very well, including a name change. Stella (star in Italian) fits right into our family. Emmett and her are great together! They love to wrestle, sunbathe, and run around in the backyard. We've been having lots of adventures. Going to dog park, hikes to peters canyon, and dog beach. The beach was a challenge when we found out Stella was scared of Surfers with surfboards but she quickly overcame her fear. Stella is such a sweet girl, always greeting us with a wagging tail and lots of kisses. We can't thank you enough for bringing her into our lives. Thanks for giving these's wonderful animals a second chance!

Take care....Rachael, Pat, Emmett, and Stella