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Messages from Adopters


Casper and Gwen are resting at my parent's house for the next few weeks until the house is done.

Casper is a big ole meathead.  Mostly deaf, he just wants to be loved.  And to eat.  We'll be working on his diet and exercise to bring him down a bit from his current 200 pound build.  Gwen is a large female, at about 170 pounds and is in great shape for her age.  Gwen is a bit more reserved, but after about 20 minutes of facetime, she decided that I was an ok guy, and then the leaning game started.  Great danes show their affection by leaning on you.  And they both love to lean.  A lot.  They have the ideal dane temperament, and will be great with all my honerary nieces and nephews.

After about an hour of introductions at their foster home, we made the drive back to my house to meet my friends and play in the yard.  Gwen was so excited!  She loved the yard, and after exploring all corners, we ran around and chased each other for a few minutes, Casper tagging along.  Many of my friends stopped over (it was taco tuesday next store) and the dogs were great with everyone, and especially the kids.

Then back in the car, and after a quick drive to PetCity for food and supplies, we were at my parent's house by 9pm.  After exploring the backyard and the house for a few minutes, they were ready to lay down for the night.  What an exciting day!


Hi! I adopted Quinton from you at Petco 4 weeks ago this upcoming Saturday. He's a little blonde terrier mix and had a brother named Quincy. To say that we are beyond THRILLED and in LOVE with this little guy is a huge under statement!! He is amazing in every way possible! He is totally house trained, knows many commands and learns them in minutes! He can be total off leash at the park or anywhere and stays right with us! He is as close to perfect as you can get, and is a huge snuggle bear!
We cant thank you enough for rescuing this sweet boy!!! He has added so much love and happiness to our family!
I bought some Nylabone edibles and would like to donate them to you. As well as a half of a bag of the Nutro puppy food (chicken, oatmeal and rice) you recommended for him. He's allergic to it so we have to get rid of it. Could I bring that to you on Saturday if its ok that the bad has been opened. I have attached some pictures of him, thought you would like to see how your rescue efforts and hard work have paid off, in many ways!!!
Thanks so much!!!!!!!!
Kim Keith

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how the puppies are doing up here in the frozen north.  As you see from the photos they have adapted very nicely.  They really enjoy the 10.5 acres to roam on.  Finn is reliable off leash but Nikko's nose gets him in trouble.  Poor little Emmy is always cold but she loves the snow.  She can't go out by herself ever because I am afraid something will eat her.  We installed an underground radio fence to keep them off the road and away from our neighbors chickens. I will be getting chickens also but mine will be kept in a fenced area.

Hello Laura,
I wanted touch base and let you know that Seth aka Rio is very loving & protective dog. He is so sweet with the family & also very protective of me and our home.  He and River play really rough, but love each other. Sometimes I take them to the dog park, (loves car rides) where these 2 go into "herding" dogs. They seem to pick out a dog and go after the unsuspecting dog, heading the poor thing off until the dog has no where to escape. He sleeps on our ottoman at the base of the bed but ususally towards morning he is cuddling with one of us. He is learning tricks and walking on a leash without pulling. He does seem frighten of loud truck sounds.
Hope you are doing well and thank you again for our baby boy, Rio.
Jill Scrudato-Doug Feco

Hi Laura,

I just wanted to send you a quick email with some updated pictures of Bo, aka Logan.  We are so happy with our new addition--he is such a sweetheart and we call him our little firecracker!  He has so much life and is always happy and smiling every minute of the day, he is such a puppy!  We love him so much and we are so blessed to have him in our life!  He and his big brother absolutely love each other; they are definitely brothers and best friends for life.  They bring out many different characteristics in one another; Bo is super friendly and outgoing with everyone he meets, while Tex is a shy guy.  We love them!  Attached are some pics--it was SO great running into you at Lakeview!  

Have a great weekend,

Exactly seven (7) years ago today, a small 14-week-old black fur puppy lit up my eyes. Little did I know that when I adopted her that she would be the center of my universe in more ways than I could ever have possibly imagined as she has saved me from my own self-destruction. I love you, Annie, (right dog in my profile picture), and I always will. Thank you to Laura Yeaman for allowing me to adopt this precious dog and taking her into your rescue, and thank you to Julie Tatham McCallson for being her foster mom for a few days as well as watching her whenever I went on vacation. I owe both of you ladies so much.

This is Willow ♥
It would be appropriate if she came from a "hope" as when we first got her, my husband was diagnosed with throat cancer. She gave him hope with her love and attention. She has been an inspiration. She's probably about 8 now. A blessing for sure.

Just a little update from a fan and family that you changed our lives by what you do. Willow came to us years ago through Love4Canines!!


Been meaning to send a testimonial but I'm so glad I found your Facebook page! Thank you so much for saving our sweet girl Willow. We've had her for almost a year and a half now and she is the light of our lives. We can't imagine anyone giving up an incredible dog like her but we're glad they did because now we get to enjoy everyday with her and her endless kisses! Can't say enough good things about Laura and Love 4 Canines!




This is Chief and Scout both adopted from Love 4Canines. Chief was part of a litter from one year ago. he is such a sweat boy and a ladies man. Scout is such a go getter! They make a great pair.






Hi Laura:
Hunter has become a very cherished member of the family. He has worked out incredible well, much easier than I ever imagined. Working with him has been all joy.  He's super smart and easily motivated to perform with treats. I have him off-leash about 95% of the time and had no problem calling him off rattle snakes--the true sign of a natural trail dog!
Whomever had him before gave him love. It must have broken their heart to have to give him up. Dogs like him don't happen along everyday.