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Messages from Adopters


Hi Laura,
Just letting you know how Pickles is doing.  First of all, we renamed him Scooter because he responded so well to that name.  He has been doing amazing!  He rides in the car so well.  He basically slept most of the way home.  He walks on the leash like someone trained him.  He slept on his dog bed in our room all night the first night and since.  He is house trained and has only had one accident because we weren't paying attention.  We took him to be groomed today and now he is nice and clean.  He lays on the couch with Ron watching t.v. like he's always lived here.  We showed him where to go potty and he goes there each time.  Today Ron took him walking through the hills and the park and he kept next to his side through the entire walk.  We feel very lucky to have rescued such an amazing dog.
Scooter has responded very well to children and is very even tempered.  He doesn't act like he wants to get out of the yard.  He does so well in the house, I wonder if he was a house dog.
Thank you for all your help!


Hi There...I just wanted to send a picture of our kids with Sebastian.  We have renamed him Dexter and he is doing great!  Thank you for rescuing him and for taking such good care of him...he is an absolutely wonderful dog...we can't imagine life without him.  Thanks again for all you do.
Kelly Morgan and family



Hi Laura,
I just wanted to send you an update on the little ACD we adopted from you on July 31.  We have renamed her Kit (she just looked so much like a little fox) and she has settled in very well over the last 2 months.  She is very good in the house (she must have been housetrained before) and she plays ball like a crazy girl!  She is amazing at jumping and leaping for the ball.  She and her new big brother are getting along great, I even caught them in the same dog house the other day when I came home from the store.  She is going to help keep him warm this winter that's for sure!  When they are laying on the couch, she loves to lick him in the ears and belly.  She has some issues with heel nipping, but I expected that with a cattle dog.  We are working on teaching her that teeth on people is not allowed.  She is doing great in the car but is still nervous going for walks if cars are driving by.  Overall, she is a very good girl and we love her :)
Thank you again for bringing this sweet little girl into our lives.

Here are some pictures of Willy Wilson, our grandkids absolutely love him.  This last week he went fishing in the High Sierra’s
Thank you so much for rescuing him




Hi Laura,
Another update on Romeo.: ) He was on Animal Planets "America's Cutest Pets" 2011 tonight.
He is on near the end howling along with his squeaky toy.Its on again tonight.
Try to watch. It will be on again next Saturday and i am sure more as they repeat a lot.
Thanks again for saving my boy. Love him so much..
Smartest dog I have ever known. Here he is doing just one of his 11 or so tricks
Hope all is well for you.
Cheers xo




About two years ago I was lucky enough to come across your website and ended up adopting the best dog ever from you!! She is a black Cocker Spaniel/Border Collie mix whose name was Blackie at the time of the adoption.......since she is a female and I wanted a more "girlie" name, we renamed her Jackie (sounds the same, so it made sense!).  From day one she fit right in to our family - we have not had one problem and we could not be happier with her, she is our "Puppy Princess".

I hope that this message will get to Laura as she assisted me at the Petco in Anaheim Hills with the adoption purchase, I hope you can remember this amazing girl......I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy and grateful we are for your organization and to share a couple pics of our girl......the second photo is with my husband as she is quite the "Daddy's girl". Jackie  has given us countless hours of happiness that we hope to have for many many more years!

Take care and keep up the fabulous work!

Moreno Valley, CA

Hi Lois and Laura,
We just wanted to thank you both for making our house a home!  We've renamed Janie now Daphne, who has settled in just fine on her first day.  She is so incredibly sweet and amazingly intelligent.  She has met both sets "grandparents" who are all smitten with our new girl.  Thank you Lois for all the time and effort put forth- she is very well behaved and walks like a dream on the leash!
We'll keep you both updated if you like.  We've only taken 20 or so pictures today!
Thank you again for all of the work you do- taking care of and finding wonderful dogs new homes!!
~Colette & Tim


Last year at the Orange County fairgrounds you were at the pets fair in April and had a darling black lab pup which I brought home. We named him Odie.  I rescued a new brother for him 2 weeks later a yellow lab named Simba.  Just thought you might like an update.  He is thriving.  He was 58 lbs when he came home.  He is now 87 lbs, but all muscle, not fat.  He is in training to become a search and rescue dog.  He is a joy to have in our home.
Thank you,

I wanted to share pictures of Gypsy who we adopted in May 2011. She doing well playing with her sisters and brother. I have attached a few pictures of her. We love her dearly.

We recommend your rescue to anyone who wants to add a dog to their family. Thank you for the opportunity to add her to our family.


Dear Laura, Love 4 Canines & all the caretakers along the way!

I just celebrated my one month anniversary this past weekend with my new family in my forever home and I thought you would enjoy seeing some photos of the wonderful life I am having thanks to all of you! My humans (Stella, Jim & family and Parker, my trainer and close friend) tell me how happy they are to have me as part of the family and tell me I am doing really great with the transition and all my training. I have a new pack of dog friends I get to hike and play with at least 3 days a week and I am madly in love with my dog sister, Boo -- my physical inversion! When we are out, we stop traffic and people always want to meet us!

Hopefully you can tell from the smile on my face just how happy I am!
Thank you for saving my life!!! Another Love4Canines success story!


Brady (aka Brayden)