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Messages from Adopters


Hi Laura,
Just wanted to let you know how happy our family and Sophie all are to have found each other! Sophie is a perfect fit for our family.  She is smart, loving and has the best personality!  We can't thank you and the foster parents enough for what you do!
Thank You!
From the Henry's

Hi Laura,
I have to tell you how happy my fiance and I are that we found your rescue - he was meant to be ours! We renamed Keanu, "Mosby" from our favorite show and he is the perfect little guy, we think because his foster mom was so awesome working with him from when he was so little because he is honestly too good to be true! When we got him he was practically potty trained and we were able to teach him how to sit, shake, high five, and respect boundaries in the house in only a couple days! When he finished his shots it only took him one walk to learn how to walk perfectly on a leash.. next or behind us without needing any tension on the leash! We can tell he was also well socialized - he plays very well with other dogs and is getting better and better at meeting people. He's such a cute little fluff ball that everyone is always approaching him, overwhelming him with petting, but we just tell people to ignore him until he warms up to them, which he always does. He's so awesome that his "grandparents" literally purchased all of their own puppy gear so that they could babysit him when they want.
And In addition to Mosby's awesomeness, the adoption fee was lower than other rescues, your response time to our inquiry was lightning fast, and Karla even let us come back to do his last puppy shot free of charge.
We just can't get enough of our new baby! We know that when our family grows with human children he will be a great big brother!
Thank you so much!

I don't know if you remember Highway, but we adopted him in November 2006 when you had an adoption event in Long Beach. He's a bit older now, probably around 10 years old, but doing good.
He had major intestinal surgery last year to remove colon cancer. He also has arthritis and just had pancreatitis. Despite all this, he is still doing great and love him like crazy. He now has 2 rescued brothers and 1 sister, but he mostly keeps to himself.
Anyhow, came across your site recently and just wanted to give an update.

Take care-

Mike Wilson
Orange, Ca.

Hi :)

About 4 years ago, my husband- then boyfriend & I adopted a terrier
mix name Peet from your rescue. Your petfinder listing stated that he
was 4 years old, however upon a check up at our vet, we were notified
that Peet was most likely 10 years old. Nonetheless, we are so happy
with Peet. He has traveled with us all over California & Germany. He
is the perfect dog! We are so happy that he is part of our family.
Peet is coming to the end of this line. He has lived an epic 4 years.
Thank you so much for our Peet.


I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for introducing us to Merlin (since named Bowie). He is just as amazing as you said he was. He's fitting in great and we all already are in love with him.
I don't have Kim's email address but if you wouldn't mind forwarding the attached picture to her too, I'd really appreciate it.
Thank you again!!!!!

I am ridiculously in love with my dog!  Best day of my life (in case my husband sees this) was when we got married but close on its heels was the day we got Shelly (who had to become a Tillie due to a friend-of-the-family-dog who is a Shelly).
Tillie is signed up for the Banfield wellness plan and will get her rabies shot at her initial appt on the 7th at 5:00.
I am so grateful to everyone involved in saving and fostering her until we adopted her - you are all fabulous and angels on earth!


Just a quick update, Sugar is the MOST AMAZING DOG!! We are all so so in love with her. I cant imagine why anyone would give her away, I'd cut off my own leg for her. She has totally melted all of our hearts. Here are some pictures for you!





Hi Laura,  Just a quick e-mail to let you know how much we love Greta (now named Brandy due to her fondness of eggnog).  In the short time she has been with us, Brandy has become a true family member.  She has been very gentle around other dogs and children she meets and loves attention in the form of brushing, hugging, neck scratching and belly rubs.  Our local vet. tells us that she is very healthy and estimates her age at less than 2 years.
We haven't had a chance to get her in the water to see her swimming skills, but look forward to taking her to a lake very soon.
Thanks again for your help adopting her,
Phil and Dottie


It has been a few years since I have spoken to you, but I think of you all the time, and refer Love 4 Canines to everyone. Several of my friends have received dogs from you and I have a friend that has their eye on another dog on the site! Elroy is my ambassador for your rescue group, I am stopped every time and every place I go with him. He is so good with everyone, I wanted you to knoe just how far he has come to, ''Becoming the dog he has the potential to be!''  Since I got Elroy from you, I have rescued 2 cattle dogs so I am at 4 dogs, my limit...but my goal is to be able to foster for you at some time. I haven't forgotten! I am going to send you some pictures of Elroy and the cattle dogs.

Take care Julie

Hi Ladies,
She is a little pistol compared to Forrest's calm and attentive personality. They get on great together and run and herd each other until they drop. Did learn that she likes to chase cars and has a particular dislike for a UPS truck! We'll work on that. She is such a puppy still, and you can really see it now that all the mamma dog hormones have subsided. It's all fun.

Thanks so much. Jackie