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Messages from Adopters


I adopted both these crazies from about 3 years ago. Both were from different litters dumped at the pound.

They are such amazing pups, both so smart and with their own personality traits. I love them so much; I wouldn't know what I'd do without them!

THANK YOU for rescuing them and all the other amazing work you do!



Scooby and Ruby were adopted 8/19/2011 from Love4Canines...and we LOVE them so much!




Monkey (left) was at Love4Canines about 9 months ago... He's having a great time with his new, best friend Kiah




I have been meaning to contact you to let you know that Moose is doing great!  We adopted Moose a little over 2 years ago and I feel like I have had him for forever!
He has just been such an amazing dog.  He is so gentle and loving with my 7 yr old son Noah.  Moose has also taken a fondness to our two cats Little Man (18 yrs old) and George (12 yrs old) however if he is walking outside and he spots a cat he doesn’t take to kindly to them only his :-)
I love Moose more than words can say he is my protector and my best friend!

Thank you again for your wonderful organization and all you do to give these wonderful dogs a new good home!

Hi Laura,

A thank you doesn’t even seem adequate to express how blessed we feel to have received Terri from you. We have re-named her Tilly now & she is doing fabulous! We have taught her a few tricks & even non-verbal hand signals! She is very smart…& fast too! At her daycare they held (humane) dog races @ a Halloween party. Out of about 25 entries she came in 1st Place!!!!

As you know, we are so thankful to you & her foster mom Cathy that we are now taking on fostering ourselves to attempt to “give back”.

Every year we send a family photo with our Christmas card. This is the one from the 1st year we had her.

We joke that Tilly remembers her life abandoned on the streets because she seems so grateful every day to have a “food & shelter”. Thank you for taking her in & saving her life. We all have enjoyed life a little more since getting this bundle of joy.


Tim + Kelly = Tilly

This is Annabelle, who rescued me 1.5 yrs ago after my last Aussie passed away at 14......got Annabelle through Love 4 Canines. She is mellow, deep, loving and like velcro. She sleeps inside of course, with the best bed in town, goes on neighborhood walks daily and occaisionally to the trails in Sunny Hills. We are in love. Thank you!





Three years ago yesterday I went home with the furry love of my life: Hazel (formerly known as Tasha.) She's an east coast pup for now, but we'll be returning to sunny California soon! I'm forever grateful for the random adoption event I attended at that Anaheim Hills PetCo (Petsmart?) that brought us together :-) Thanks for having her there and heres to many future happy "tails" for other canines, hopefully we'll be able to help out with other pups in the near future!

An update on Lacy...I know adoption out of state is a worry, and it's been around a year sense we adopted Lacy renamed Athena, she's our little goddess and a blessing to the household. She's the boss, the two boys Heinrich and Mykonos both loved her from the day we brought her home. I can't began to tell you what a joy she's been. The light of our lives. I hope you'll like the pictures I attached (Lacy is the one in the middle.) She's being well cared for, nothing but the best for all three of our four legged children, our family, our pride and joy.

Lilo has been doing so good. He's such a little lover and I take him practically everywhere with me. His favorite activity is going to the park and terrorizing the ducks. Lol he jumps right in the water and swims after them.








Hi there,

I hope you remember us, but we are the family who adopted Fletcher, Finley's brother.  We are so totally head over heels in love with Fletcher!  I know it's been a few years and I see that Finley was adopted.  But my family constantly asks about Fletcher's brother and wonder if he is just as adorable.   Fletcher has a big sister, an older Cattle Dog, who he pesters to play all the time.  Fletcher is always looking for a playmate with his energy.  Any update on Finley would be appreciated.  And certainly, if Finley were to ever need a home, we would love to meet him.

Thank you for your time (and for allowing us to adopt Fletcher),

Emily Babamoto