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Fostering Information


Love 4 Canines is currently seeking foster homes for dogs and puppies of all ages and sizes! Please consider opening your hearts and your homes to a dog or puppy in need of love!!!

Why Foster?

Our organization is always in need of foster homes. The more foster homes we have, the more lives we can save! We need people who can offer their homes as temporary residences for our dogs and puppies, until permanent owners can be found.

As a foster care volunteer, not only will you be providing a dog with the 1-on-1 attention it so desperately craves, you will be giving yourself a chance to see what it would be like to have a dog companion without the permanent commitment or you may be giving your current dog a playmate to keep him/her company.

Dogs and puppies often come into the rescue program in desperate need of good care, guidance, and above all…LOVE! Your job as a foster parent is to remind a dog how special he/she is, while providing for his/her present and future needs. Nothing compares to the rewarding experience of watching an animal grow strong in mind, body, and spirit!

Love 4 Canines pays all vet bills and can provide leashes, crates, and vitamins. Food can also be provided at the foster parent’s request, although we find that many foster homes like to feed the brand of dog food that their other dogs eat. Yes…most foster homes have other dogs... We also provide support, encouragement, and mentoring by connecting you with our foster home coordinator. Foster parents must be willing to work closely with Love 4 Canines to see that the best possible match is made for the dog or puppy!

There are so many dogs and puppies in need that we are typically able to find a dog or puppy that will fit into your lifestyle and family. We have young and old, big and little, dogs that are okay alone during the day, dogs that need someone home, dogs good with cats, and there are even some potty trained dogs (although this is not the norm, as we typically don’t know the dogs history before he/she comes to your home).

Fostering a dog or puppy gives you a great satisfaction knowing you have helped save the life of one of these wonderful creatures!

For more information on how you can help, please contact Laura at love4k9z@mac.com

Thank you, we look forward to working with you! Laura and all our critters!


If you are ready to foster now, please fill out a foster questionnaire so we can all work together to find the best match for your family!!! You can find the foster questionnaire on the link to the left :-)